Rajasthan, India

 Rajasthan is India's largest state, and home to nearly 75 million people.

Rajasthan is India's largest state, and home to nearly 75 million people.

Rajasthan's physical size and scale has hindered the development of digital infrastructure such as broadband networks, making connectivity a challenge.  Its population diversity also provides a challenge to connectivity: it is home to dozens of languages and dialects, nomadic populations, and culturally conservative beliefs.  Lastly, it is among the poorest states in the country, where well over half the population relies relying on dry land farming and pastoral activities for income.

We are bringing services and connectivity to this most remote and challenging landscape.  Naiim is partnering with Prodea Systems and the Tata Trusts to deploy its content platform in this region, called DRUV.  

Our recent press demonstrates the importance of this work:

"We have joined forces with to realize our shared vision of empowerment through knowledge and education that will enable underprivileged communities elevate themselves from poverty to prosperity." Forbes

"We have started in Rajasthan and plan to reach 100,000 or more households by the end of the current year.  We also plan to expand to other states in association with Tata Trust as the success of such projects depends on the local know-how and local content." Business Standard

Learn more about our work in India and Project DRUV by reading our project brief 

Kahramanmaras, Turkey

 Turkey is home to over 3M Syrian refugees.

Turkey is home to over 3M Syrian refugees.

Since Syria's civil war began nearly five years ago, Turkey has maintained an official open-door policy for the victims of the Syrian conflict, absorbing about 3 million refugees and spending nearly $9B.  Turkey is the world’s largest host of Syrians displaced by the ongoing conflict in their country. Today, Turkey provides shelter for 270,000 Syrian refugees in 26 camps. 

Naiim is partnering with Prodea Systems and Turkcell to deploy its content platform in this region, called Merhaba Umut, which means "Hello Hope" in Turkish.  

Our solution overcomes on-the-ground barriers like connectivity, language barriers and affordability, to enable refugees access digital services in education, healthcare, jobs and news.

Our recent press highlights the importance of this work:

"Merhaba UMUT...was honored at the GSMA Mobile World Congress with two awards: the first for “Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry” and the second for “Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations” at the Glomo Awards 2017 in recognition for its important and inspirational work in support of refugees..." BusinessWire

"Merhaba UMUT allows Syrian refugees living in Turkey to meet their basic needs like learning Turkish, communicating and acquiring information...[this will] benefit children, adolescents and adults in the [refugee camp] center." Sabah

"Merhaba Umut provides refugees with access to information and services so that people affected by the crisis could receive vital information and use communications in refugee camps."  World Bulletin


Learn more about our work in Turkey and MERHABA UMUT by reading our Project Brief